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  1. Crucified

From the recording Redeemed

This song was written by Dr. Dennis Higgins, Sr. He is currently the pastor of Harbor Baptist Church Hainesport, NJ.


Verse 1.
In the image of God created He man;
For fellowship always the Savior did plan.
But sin brought it's curse, forever to bear;
The need for a Savior in Jesus we share.

Crucified, crucified,
My Lord have they taken to Calvary's tree.
Crucified, crucified,
And there on that altar He died for me.

Verse 2.
Come to this fountain be cleansed by His blood;
Washed by our Savior, immersed in His love,
The Spirit will fill you and teach you to serve;
Fed by our Father on God's Holy Word!

Verse 3.
Like unto Jesus we soon shall appear,
Victorious resurrection my Jesus is near;
At the voice of the angel the trumpet will sound,
We'll hear His sweet voice,
"Come gather ye 'round!"